Schools Netball

See what Netball is all about

Our sessions are designed to give your children a fun introduction to Netball. Teamwork and respect are integral principles of Netball, so naturally, our sessions work on developing these values too. 

We offer:

  • Lunchtime & after-school clubs
  • Netball PE lessons & PPA cover
  • All sessions delivered by our qualified coaches on your site
  • Balls and other equipment can be provided

Netball for everyone

Children will learn Netball tactics and techniques using fun, engaging drills. We also focus on developing pupils’ fundamental movement skills (FMS).

Ensuring proper development of FMS supports childrens’ competency and confidence as they work towards sport-specific skills such as different types of passing, pivoting, and decision making in gameplay.


Above all, we want your pupils to have fun getting active! Positive experiences in sport are key to developing a life-long relationship with physical activity.

We will always adapt our sessions to the age and ability of your children so everyone can get the most out of them. We think Netball is for everybody (and not just for girls!). 

Interested in Netball for your school?

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